Construction | VITO


MOSTRAR 15 25 35

Pick axe with fiber handle

Ref. VIPC25

Forged trowel Madrid pattern and bi-material handle

Ref. VICFCB220

Paver hammer with handle

Ref. VI3160C

Roofing hammer magnetic fiber handle


Point chisel

Ref. VIP10

Stone chisel

Ref. VIT10

Chain block

Ref. VIG1

Claw hammer

Ref. VIMC27

Portuguese model forged trowel with bi-material handle

Ref. VICFDB220

Nylon tool pouch

Ref. VIBN1

Nylon double tool pouch

Ref. VIBN2

Leather tool pouch

Ref. VIBC1

Double tool pouch leather

Ref. VIBC2

Forged trowel portuguese pattern

Ref. VICFD220

Forged trowel Madrid pattern

Ref. VICFC220