MOSTRAR 15 25 35

Portuguese model forged trowel with bi-material handle

Ref. VICFDB220

Forged trowel Madrid pattern and bi-material handle

Ref. VICFCB220

Forged trowel portuguese pattern

Ref. VICFD220

Forged trowel Madrid pattern

Ref. VICFC220

Forged trowel point round

Ref. VICFBR120

Forged trowel pointed

Ref. VICFB120

Forged trowel north pattern

Ref. VICFN180

Forged trowel catalan pattern

Ref. VICFCT165

“Beira” type trowel

Ref. VICB20

Straight corners trowel portuguese pattern

Ref. VICID220

Cut corners trowel Madrid pattern

Ref. VICIC220


Ref. VICI70

Trowel point round

Ref. VICBR125

Trowel pointed

Ref. VICB125

Internal corners trowel

Ref. VICCI80