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Agricultural machinery and equipment

MOSTRAR 15 25 35

Brush cutter 43 cc

Ref. VIR43

Horizontal log splitter 7 ton

Ref. VIRL7

Horizontal double edge log splitter 7 ton


Vertical log spliter 9 ton


Mist duster 40 cc

Ref. VIAT33

Brush cutter 33 cc

Ref. VIR33

Gasoline tiller 7 cv

Ref. VIME7

Submergible clean water pump 350 W

Ref. VIBP350

Submersible dirty water pump 400 W

Ref. VIBP400

Submersible clean water pump 500 W

Ref. VIBI500

Submersible dirty water pump 550 W

Ref. VIBI550

Submersible dirty water pump 1100 W

Ref. VIBI1000

Garden jet pump 800 W

Ref. VIBTI800

Multistage centrifugal pump 900 W

Ref. VIBCM900

Multistage centrifugal pump 1100W

Ref. VIBCM1100